What Is NMT?

NMT – The Feinberg Technique Protocols in NeuroModulation

NMT trains the controls systems of the body to correct the causes of disease in a natural way. NMT uses this MRT method to first “Access” the ACS – we open the window to “see” internal function of the body.

We then “Assess” the ACS – we measure the faults in ACS function that are responsible for illness. Finally, NMT uses a powerful system of clinical protocols to “Modulate” the condition – we treat to push the control systems of the body in the direction of normal function. We use a system of clinical treatment pathways tailored to the various causes of illness discovered in the patient. These protocols involve a series of “queries” – questions used to find control system errors. Next we use specific corrective statements of the NMT treatment protocol to train the ACS toward normal function – the first step in the return to wellness.

Some of those factors addressed by NeuroModulation Technique are:


-Allergy to any food, inhalant, drug, or contactant.
-Autoimmune disease – confusion of the ANS that results in immune attacks on our “self” tissues.
-Errors in sensitivity settings of nervous systems sensors for pain and stretch causing erroneous perception of pain and tightness.
-Toxic agents like pesticides, industrial chemicals, and heavy metals.
-Unrecognized infectious agents – usually stealthy variations of common organisms that escape detection by the immune system.
-Exogenous Analogs – environmental chemicals that mimic our body’s hormones, and confuse the hormonal function.