What people are saying about Global Balance Acupuncture…

“The experience and the efficacy of the treatments are outstanding. Thank you very much!”

Alejandro Fernandez

“My family and I have been going to Dr Chow for years, his expertise, wisdom and compassion is off the chart!! His staff is so caring and accommodating. I highly recommend Dr Chow and his staff!”

Cheryl Verhulst

“I have been getting treatment here for 28 years. I absolutely recommend visiting Global Balance to explore the different options for wellness that they offer.”

Andrew Peterson

“Dr. Chow is my mentor for acupuncture & Chinese Medicine. Through many years of internship under Dr. Chow, I have seen thousands of patients who had made miraculous recovery with his treatments…Dr. Chow is the best skilled, hardest working doctor I ever known…I am so grateful for Dr. Chow and his family.

Taka Takayanagi

“Dr Chow is one of the finest Dr’s I have ever met. He truly cares about his patients. His expertise and knowledge is remarkable. I have and would recommend him to anyone.”

Ellen Ritsos

I’ve been seeing Dr. Chow since I was a teenager. He’s my first call when I tweak my back. He always puts together a plan !that gets me back on track without making it a lifelong commitment to visits.

I would highly recommend Dr. Chow and his staff to anybody in fact most of my family sees Dr. Chow as well!”
John Guido Jr.

“Dr. Chow and his staff really know their acupuncture!!! Dr. Chow has done wonders for me with his technique. Give him a try!!!!

Jackie Nolan

“Dr. David Chow is “The Bomb” When the Chiropractor was no longer helping, I went to see the “Big Guns” Dr. David. He is an awesome healer. I always left his office feeling like a million bucks! God Bless You David!!!”

Patti Vertucci Sande

“Last week I got out of bad and I couldn’t turn my head. Some one or three visits I was a new man. Thank you Dr. Chow”

Frank Stanghellini